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Safety First for Melbourne Movers

In the relocation service industry, local moving companies are held temporarily responsible for the belongings of their customers. This is a huge responsibility that your Melbourne area movers take extremely seriously. Recently a horrifying news story caught my attention causing me to nearly cough up my morning coffee all over my computer screen in a fit of shock. While on the road, a postal service tractor trailer door mysteriously came unlatched, dumping hundreds of articles of mail over more than 70 miles of highway! What a nightmare for the USPS employee, I can only imagine the helpless feeling he must have had in the pit of his stomach as the fiasco began to unfold.

Luckily, the hefty load of escaped mail was said to be mostly bills and statements; no personal mail was thought to have been on board. Though no accident this severe has ever happened to your local movers in Melbourne, I sympathize with the truck driver in this unfortunate story. When your Melbourne relocation experts here do a move, be it a local or long distance move, we have a routine for absolutely everything to ensure that every job is flawless. Not only do your Melbourne movers latch the truck door securely before taking off; your furniture is also quilt pad wrapped and strapped safely and securely inside the truck to guarantee a sturdy accident-free ride to your new home. Though I doubt these types of incidents are very common for the postal service, stories such as this one make you realize that you can never be too careful when it comes to transporting peoples’ stuff!

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