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Melbourne Police Move Six Vehicles Out of Local Pond: Operation “Muddy Wheels” Begins

Even your Melbourne professional movers who specialize in automobile relocation are rather intimidated by the vehicular removal job executed west of Wickham Road at a pond nearby. On October 20th six vehicles were removed from the bottom of the pond. Yes. Six vehicles! No clear motives have been determined regarding the mysteriously discarded vehicles, but there is certainly speculation coming from law enforcement officials involved in the investigation. “Operation Muddy Wheels,” as the investigation has been named, began after large bubbles, beverage containers, and eventually wheels and car panels floated to the surface of the Melbourne pond. Melbourne PD began moving vehicles out of the murky grave finding a Monte Carlo, boats, scooters, and even a hot tub! Of the many possible motives behind the sunken cars in Melbourne, insurance fraud and theft seem to make the most sense, and Melbourne Police won’t stop investigating until they know the facts! This is one automobile move that your relocation experts in Melbourne were glad NOT to be a part of; talk about a tough job!

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