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Melbourne Movers’ Security Deposit Advice

If you rent an apartment, you probably paid an initial security deposit before you moved in. If you play your cards back, you’ll get that security deposit back one day; typically in the hundreds if not more, the safe return of your security deposit is pretty important, yes? If you want to get your deposit back, there are several tips that your Melbourne movers have to help your chances! First and foremost, treat the apartment as if it were your home; keep the place clean and be sure that the walls windows and other delicate components of your unit are undamaged by the time your move-out day arrives. Sometimes damage which is out of your control can occur; weather damage, fire, flooded or busted pipes, even normal wear and tear is considered to be the responsibility of your landlord and not yours. Should any damage occur which is not the fault of you nor any of your guests, be sure to bring such damage to the attention of your landlord immediately! It is important that you eliminate any uncertainties from the equation when it comes to the fate of your security deposit. It may even be a good idea to file a police report to officially document and wash your hands clean of any unforeseen accidents. Keep in mind that the return of your security deposit is subject to forfeit in the event that you owe any back rent, utilities, or any other payments to your landlord upon moving out. Getting your security deposit back can be a huge help when it comes to moving to your next home, so make sure to do everything within your power to ensure the refund!

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