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Melbourne Movers Excited for Dual-Polarization Radar, Accurate Weather Reports in Florida!

Your Melbourne moving professionals rely, to some degree, on weather reports in order to efficiently forecast our weekly work-loads. Your Melbourne relocation specialists are feeling rather privileged –as should all local residents– to be among the first in the country who will benefit from the amazing Dual-Polarization weather radar which is being installed right now! Local Meteorologists will now have the effortless ability to give very accurate weather forecasts in Melbourne. If you’re anything like your Central Florida mover, you may be curious to know how this Dual-Polarization radar does it! The answer is surprisingly not too complicated; rather than viewing the atmosphere through a single-axis radar, the Dual-Polarization radar sends data-gathering waves along a vertical and a horizontal axis. Your Melbourne movers are not scientists, nor are we mathematicians, but can only assume that doubling the radar power will result in double the weather report accuracy! This is especially great timing as Dual-Polarization radars will be fully operational in time for hurricane season.

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