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Moving to College can be exciting, but it can also be a nightmare for the ill prepared. All My Sons Moving and Storage Nashville has provided you with insider info so you can have a great move…

#1 Be Prepared!!!

Moving should come as a surprise for you, it should be carefully considered who will be moving you, where you are going to live, and what you will bring with you. Last minute moves often times put people in situations best left to the professionals. When possible seek help from qualified moving experts, and do so 3-6 weeks ahead of time. Find your new home early. Many times students wait til the last minute and they end up in a very tough spot because they are unable to arrange suitable living situations.

#2 Be Careful!!!

The more pressure is on to get things done, people will make poor decisions in choosing their local mover. Here are some tips on avoiding fraud when hiring a mover. Turn down offers that have these qualifications…

  • Movers who show up in a rental truck to provide moving services.
  • Day Laborers, Un-uniformed workers
  • Hire shady moving labor from a temp agency.
  • Movers ask for pre-payment before your move.

#3 Be Positive!!!

Everyone needs a little reassurance they’ve got what they need to have a successful move. You won’t have Mom & Dad’s help for everything so you want to bring everything you need. The less you have to worry about incidentals, the better you will be able to focus on- Studying, Making it to Class on time, Meeting new friends, ect. My friends over at College Moving have provided a complete checklist for you’re trip to college, check it out here, but then come right back… There’s more helpful hints posted every week so check back real soon! All My Sons Moving and Storage has gotcha covered!

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