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Historic Titusville

Titusville, “Gateway To Nature And Space”, is a beautiful city that deserves definite consideration if you’re moving to Brevard County. Famous for hosting tourists coming to see the shuttle launches, Titusville is a gem on the coast. With aerospace interests extending beyond the historic shuttle launches, Titusville is home to engineers, aeronauts, and manufacturers.

Back in the mid-1800s, the community was called sand point. The Seminole wars prevented settlement here beforehand. As the first families began to build businesses and build up the town, disagreement arose over the name between Capt. Clark Rice and Henry T. Titus. In a most gentlemanly fashion, they decided to decide the name over a game of dominoes. Obviously, Titus claimed victory and history was made.

Today, the cessation of shuttle launches has stopped the population explosion. Some have moved away, but most have stayed. What this means for the potential new resident is a city that is designed for a larger population without the crowds and traffic that go along with it. Discover why so many call Titusville home. Call All My Sons today!

Your Melbourne relocation specialists are excited that this fall, Melbourne’s King Center will be receiving visits by Anderson Cooper and Joe Cocker. Cooper, the well-known reporter, will be at the King Center for a lecture on September 22nd. He has covered breaking news all over the world as a reporter and as the anchor of his television shows “Anderson Cooper 360” and “Anderson.” This event is expected to be well-received as Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher had successful lectures earlier this year. Cocker will be joined on October 3rd by Dave Mason. Together they will put together a great show with songs such as “You are So Beautiful” and “Only You and I Know.” Tickets can be purchased from the King Center. Your Melbourne professional movers hope you take part in the exciting events coming to the area this fall.

Your Melbourne local mover is one of millions of people who love Netflix. The folks at Netflix make winding down after a long day very easy! Recently Netflix changed their website layout, which somehow caused your mover in Melbourne here to waste much more time than usual in couch-potato mode. The recent changes to the layout are nothing major, just very sleek and clean facelift; yet your mover apparently enjoyed watching the tube more than usual. If you’re like most people who are moving, you’ve probably procrastinated on packing moving boxes via Netflix, and having done so you’ve probably noticed the sleek new look. It’s funny how such a subtle change can have such a bold effect on us; moving into a new home has a very similar inspiring effect on people. If you aren’t moving soon, it doesn’t mean you too can’t enjoy some sleek new changes in your life too; rearranging furniture to give your home a sleek new look can have an inspiring effect on the mind as well!


Your Melbourne moving professionals rely, to some degree, on weather reports in order to efficiently forecast our weekly work-loads. Your Melbourne relocation specialists are feeling rather privileged –as should all local residents– to be among the first in the country who will benefit from the amazing Dual-Polarization weather radar which is being installed right now! Local Meteorologists will now have the effortless ability to give very accurate weather forecasts in Melbourne. If you’re anything like your Central Florida mover, you may be curious to know how this Dual-Polarization radar does it! The answer is surprisingly not too complicated; rather than viewing the atmosphere through a single-axis radar, the Dual-Polarization radar sends data-gathering waves along a vertical and a horizontal axis. Your Melbourne movers are not scientists, nor are we mathematicians, but can only assume that doubling the radar power will result in double the weather report accuracy! This is especially great timing as Dual-Polarization radars will be fully operational in time for hurricane season.

Even your Melbourne professional movers who specialize in automobile relocation are rather intimidated by the vehicular removal job executed west of Wickham Road at a pond nearby. On October 20th six vehicles were removed from the bottom of the pond. Yes. Six vehicles! No clear motives have been determined regarding the mysteriously discarded vehicles, but there is certainly speculation coming from law enforcement officials involved in the investigation. “Operation Muddy Wheels,” as the investigation has been named, began after large bubbles, beverage containers, and eventually wheels and car panels floated to the surface of the Melbourne pond. Melbourne PD began moving vehicles out of the murky grave finding a Monte Carlo, boats, scooters, and even a hot tub! Of the many possible motives behind the sunken cars in Melbourne, insurance fraud and theft seem to make the most sense, and Melbourne Police won’t stop investigating until they know the facts! This is one automobile move that your relocation experts in Melbourne were glad NOT to be a part of; talk about a tough job!

Last night “Dancing with the Stars” sent Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) home packing. Peace had the lowest score for his performance last night, but your Melbourne professional movers expect that he, along with is new Peace-emblazoned Lakers jersey, will execute much better moves on the basketball court. Artest had his name legally changed to Metta World Peace stating that his new name is “meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world.” A basketball player by any other name is still just as talented on the court… but apparently cannot expect impressive dance moves to come with a name-change!

It is important, whether you have recently had a move into your house or have been living there for a while, to always remember the importance of the air quality in your home. Just because you can’t see what is contained in the air you breathe, doesn’t mean that it isn’t harming you. There are several symptoms of feeling under the weather which can be directly related to the air quality in your home; frequent coughing, dry and irritated eyes, and discomfort breathing to name a few. Spending days on in feeling like you are sick could be fixed simply by changing the air filter in your home. Clean air is the only air you should be breathing in your home. Even if low-quality air in your home doesn’t cause sudden and unexplainable sickness, you may still be at risk for issues later which are preventable now. Humidity in the home is a sign of poor air quality, and can lead to formation of harmful mold and bacteria. The climate control system in your home requires maintenance, so don’t risk your family’s health by ignoring issues which are, in most cases, very simple to fix. You may even want to sell your house one day, in which case maintaining up-to-par air conditioning and heating system maintenance can help your house sell so that you may move out and into your next home quicker and easier.

Hiring professional movers to experience the best move possible is smart. Part of what makes a moving experience great is definitely an affordable price at the end of the day. There are so many ways by which you can easily cut down your moving costs with hired relocation specialists on the job; for now let us discuss how moving trucks can play a roll in providing an affordable relocation solution on your moving day!

With summer in full swing, many of us will soon go on vacation, which can cause a lot of anxiety when it comes to the safety of your home. There are a lot of common practices as far as maintaining home security while on vacation is concerned, and thirteen-year-old Lawrence Rook has recently invented a brilliant device that is sure to help keep your mind at ease if you are vacating your house for the summer. Mr. Rook has invented a door bell which tricks possible burglars into thinking you are at home. Using cellular technology, the security door bell places a call to your mobile phone when the doorbell button is pressed. Complete with a subtle static effect, the doorbell acts as an intercom which you speak out of from your cell phone and sounds just like the real deal. Not only can the security doorbell be used to dissuade possible thieves, it is also convenient for receiving packages while you are away as well! Lawrence Rook is one thirteen-year-old who is going to take a lot of stress off of vacationers’ shoulders this summer; I wonder what he could invent to ease moving stress for those preparing to relocate with a Melbourne moving company this summer!

Moving soon? Still searching for a new place to call home? Whether you are looking to rent or buy, the internet is a great place to house hunt. However; you may be missing out on much better new home options by limiting your searching parameters to what you can find online. Realtors generally have access to private home listings where they can find potential properties for you which are of higher quality! Not only is there a better chance of scoring a high-quality property, since your realtor is of a select few with access to private listings, your excitement to move to your new home won’t likely be spoiled by another eager house hunter beating you to the punch.